www.whereloveisacrime.com provides information on the criminalization of same sex relationships and expression at the federal and state levels, the audiovisuals of the same sex marriage prohibition Act, 2013, and other visuals that narrates the lives of LGBTI persons in Nigeria. Further, it provides timeline history of the Anti gay law in Nigeria and the different bills that were passed at upper and lower houses of the legislative chamber since the introduction of the bill in 2006 till 2014 when it became a law. The website also provides detailed historical development of LGBTI movement in Nigeria and real life experiences of Advocates and Activists and how they got involved in LGBTI rights advocacy. Additionally, it provides information about Sexual Health and Human Rights organizations working for the protection and promotion of LGBTI persons in Nigeria from each geo-political zone.

The site through different mediums both audio and visual highlights issues of laws, policies, and human rights violation as it relates to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It will further provide resources relating to engagement at National, regional and international fora on LGBTI rights. In addition, activists and advocate write about their perceptive on LGBTI health, human rights protection and promotion, relationship advice, and implication of policies and law on LGBTI persons in Nigeria. Site visitors will have opportunity to read about engagement of activists and advocate on past, current and upcoming events around the world and happenings within the movement. The website is developed and managed by the The Initiative for Equal Rights (www.initiative4equality.org a non-governmental organization based in Lagos, Nigeria.









"Where love is a crime"