Heaven Is For Gays Too – Omonigho Perez

Heaven Is For Gays Too – Omonigho Perez

Have I really accepted what I am?
No day I don’t think about if I’m wrong to be on this path of acceptance.
Fire and brimstone have been used to fight my predilection
Yet, I don’t feel I have the power to choose
I can’t compel myself to prefer your preference
Frankly, on my scale of preference, least on my agenda
I think about it I admit. I don’t want to have to
People like me have acknowledged what they are and have found happiness
Still, I hold back when I want to go after a girl I like because a voice from my religion keeps saying it’s wrong
Telling me not to lead any one into temptation or dwell in sin with them
I love the connection we make
I adore the body on you
How can I see a future when everything from my past teaches me to run away from this?
A woman’s love keeps me warm
Knowledge of that will turn my family cold.
So I keep it a secret, I don’t want to be disowned
My dad is devout, my mom’s a preacher
I love Shay Mitchell, She is my dream girl
But even in my fantasies, I fear eternal damnation
I believe there is a God and He knows my pain
Respond to my tears, say it’s ok my child, I love you anyways.

Because I want to stop crying on Sundays

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  1. please can you quote a part of the bible where it was stated? I am not against any gay / bisexual human but using religion to support your alleged sexuality is wrong. The bible / the Quran both are against it.. if God wanted gay marriages he would have created Adam and eve + Steve and Carl + joy and jenny to show any of the unions are available but he didn't . its sad the world is Going lower day by day

  2. i love male companionship and im male, but heaven says in deuteronomy, "do not have sex with ur fellow sex, God hates that"....its kk to be in companionship with ur sex...but not sexual contacts for christ sake!!

  3. Agreed Valentine! I like to have my male friends around but certainly not have sex with them!

      • Noooo. That makes no sense. But i honestly still think its a choice. Theres no concrete evidence that it isnt.

        • We believe in Human Rights for all including YOU, Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-person etc. Sexuality is not a choice as no one will choose to be a subject of hate or experience state sponsored hate just for a choice. While we understand not everyone understand sexuality, people have to be open to have the conversation with open mind without any religious and cultural sentiment. Imagine if it was illegal to be you, will you keep quiet?

          • I believe in respecting everyone's opinion. I judge issues by the following guidelines: 1) Does it infringe on anyone's rights? 2) Does it cause harm to anyone or group? 3) Is it motivated by love and generosity? 4) Is it disrespectful to any one or group of people? Regardless of religion or cultures, we have to respect that we don't all uphold the same belief. So if you believe homosexuality is not ok, don't be. Learn to state your opinions civilly and with respect. Opinions are like items on a store shelf. Put it up, I might buy it.