Timi Leo- You are a Gift, Tell them

Timi Leo- You are a Gift, Tell them

…”You no see that guy, see the way he dey do like woman, Waka like woman, talk like woman, he go be gay o”.

This is practically what each and every effeminate gay guy in Nigeria experience one time or the other in their life. Words like these tends to tear down our spirit, it makes us feel unwanted, it makes us feel detached, some of us as even tried funny things to stop these harassments. Our families are already getting ashamed of been associated with us.

Friends say things like “Man up! You no be girl”, some neighbors would even go to the length of judging our sexuality.

But my Fellow Gay friend…. “Why don’t you try make people see the best in your effeminacy”. Yes they say, “you are abnormal, proof to them you are abnormally creative”, they say, “You are possessed, tell them you are possessed with the energy of creativity”.

Make the unusual happen, break barriers, move beyond boundaries, bring out the best in your fashion designing, business development, legal argument, financial services, medical work, the best in your singing, the best in your art, the best in whatever you do

Make them know you’re a gift, make them see you as a rare gem, an endowment to humanity and not what they actually think you are.

To stop homophobic acts, it begins with YOU

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  1. Truly divine and inspirational ,thank you so much for this piece kayode

  2. Actually we all have our fights but I think being gay is just a stereotype not your social personal an achiver will do all to succeed gay bi strait or impotent. But actually we get carried away in being gay than facin lyf