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Now that the controversy about the manner in which this year’s Oscar best winner was given its award has died down, it gives a chance to reflect on the meaning of a film that is exquisitely profound in its beauty and performance. When Moonlight won, it was deservedly celebrated as a historic win for a film that very beautifully portrayed an aspect of the black experience – specifically, the black male experience, of discovering the terrors and the joys of love, even amidst deprivation. The Oscar win was reported here in Nigeria, and the story will probably resonate with many young people in Nigeria. And no doubt, many people will see it – though not officially, as it is unlikely to get a cinema release here, because of the subject at the center of its story. That one of the biggest and most historic wins for a black film cannot be seen in the most populous black country on earth is a pity – but like all such stories, the very existence of Moonlight is testament to the existence of the people who inspired it, both in Nigeria and in the African diaspora. If you have seen Moonlight, or even if you have not, here are some tips from around the web on other films you should watch.

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Oh, and look out for two releases from TIERS coming out soon ‘Veil of Silence’ and ‘Hell or High Water’.

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